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We provide services ranging from overhaul to preventive maintenance, including electrification

Our aim is to address all the needs a machine may have throughout its life cycle, extending its operational lifespan or replacing it with more sustainable options.
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Repair and maintenance

Our RE philosophy is consistently upheld.

This underscores our commitment to repairing anything that retains the potential for extended functionality, addressing component errors and internal machinery issues alike.
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Spare parts

Over 10,000 spare parts in stock

We have everything to cover all your needs.
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Electric conversions

Our efforts are directed towards transitioning to a fully electric future.

As a result, at Himesa, we are spearheading an electric transformation in the mining industry, that enables us to cut costs, improve the work environment, and maintain high productivity through sustainable practices.
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Engineering and R&D

Investing in research and development in our company is essential to sustain our competitive edge

Our R&D team is constantly working to improve existing products and processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective.
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Test bench

Since 2013 we have several test benches

To assess and diagnose potential faults and breakdowns in various components, ensuring utmost reliability for our clients.
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Ongoing training centre

At HIMESA, we have an in-house instructor exclusively focused on training our operators.

Our steadfast commitment to ongoing professional development drives us to continually invest in tailored programs that empower our team to acquire and refine key skills.