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Our facilities

At present, we have six warehouses of approximately 8,500 m2 and an outdoor courtyard of 1,715 m2.

At our facilities you will find an array of workshops equipped and prepared to tackle any challenge. Covering assembly and disassembly, along with a welding workshop and state-of-the-art machining facility. In addition, our warehouses hold over 10,000 in-stock references to ensure swift and efficient service delivery.

Our facilities

Assembly and disassembly workshop

Discover our assembly and disassembly workshop, where five specialized areas work together to perform detailed diagnostics and thorough analyses of every machine. This is where we diagnose the root cause of any problem with specialized work areas for repairing both mechanical and hydraulic components.

Our facilities

Machining workshop

In our machining workshop area, precision and attention to detail are critical. With state-of-the-art machinery and unmatched adaptability, we analyse, repair and/or create unique and customized parts to suit each individual case.

Our facilities

Welding workshop

Discover our welding workshop equipped with cutting-edge technology, a modern storage area, and a high-performance mechanical repair workshop. Here, we use specialized machinery to make modifications to the chassis.

Our facilities


We maintain an inventory of over 10,000 in-stock references, ensuring prompt delivery of spare parts to our customers without any delays. Furthermore, our expert team, together with our inventory management system, sustains a consistent flow of supplies.

Our facilities

Engineering and management services

The driving force behind both our Research and Development team and our Engineering department, is a deep passion for innovation. Armed with in-depth knowledge and experience, they address every challenge, providing strategic and technical solutions that steer each project toward success. In addition, our management team collaborates closely with them to guarantee the efficient and effective administration of each project.


To maintain the quality of our services, we invest in ongoing training. Our staff receive technical, machine and safety training at our training centre and at the centres of the brands we represent.

24/7 uninterrupted service

At HIMESA, we have a highly qualified team for different areas. From engineers, mechanics, electricians, turners, millers, welders and others, our team enables us to provide uninterrupted service, 24/7.


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