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Epiroc Iberia and Himesa develop the first European conversion of an underground mining equipment, the ST1030 low profile loader

Epiroc Iberia, together with Himesa, has kicked off the first European conversion project from diesel to electric equipment.

The upgraded mining rig has been a ST1030 low profile loader. The objective is to work in parallel with new equipment based on this technology and convert current equipment into electric ones.

The technology developed by Epiroc, added to the local resources provided by Himesa, have guaranteed the success of the project. Himesa, in addition to being Epiroc’s Official Technical Service for several decades, has a solid experience in LHD equipment and first class facilities. This results in having been able to offer maximum coverage to this project and in being the ideal partner for future conversions that are yet to come.

The successful work carried out with the ST1030 loader means that the initial phase of a long-term plan has been completed that includes the conversion of different diesel equipment to battery-powered equipment. In the near future we will be converting to ST14 low profile shovels and MT436B low profile trucks. Specifically, this truck model is widespread throughout the world and the figures justify having Himesa as the main Competence Center to carry out all the necessary tasks.

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